T.I.H. Environmental
Flow Line Contingency Plan
What is a Flow Line Contingency Plan?

A Flow Line Contingency Plan or FLCP is a spill plan designed to be implemented where containment of flow lines by berms or other containment methods is impracticable. The plan is required since 1-1-2015 by the EPA and is to be used with the SPCC. It documents any adjacent water or watersheds that could be affected by any spill from a flow line. All flow lines must be drawn in with proper diagrams and calculations made to determine sheet flow during a 25 year rain event from three points along the flow line using the contained fluid of the flow line and degrees of slope between the pump jack and the nearest water/watershed. Management techniques and equipment are to be listed for containing a spill. Muster points and access routes are listed and training over the SPCC and FLCP are to be performed every year by the employees of the companies. If the EPA visits your site and you do not have a FLCP then the EPA will rule your SPCC invalid and you can get fined 1,250.00. Then you can be fined 1,250.00 for no FLCP and then you meet the threshold for a Federal Court appearance with the EPA. Other violations on top of these two are then added. I can't stress enough the importance of having these two documents.




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